Awaji Island, September 25-28, 2018



Young Researcher Travel Support

Both domestic and international young researchers (students & postdocs) can apply for travel support. The deadline for travel support application is 16 July 2018, 23:59 (JST). Announcement of selection result will be made by 23 July 2018. Please note that this travel support application must be made as part of the abstract submission (link here). If you have any questions on travel support application, please contact the following email address.


Part-time job recruitment

We are recruiting students for temporary part-time jobs to help LOC members: Link (in Japanese).




What's New

Travel support information is updated (July 3, 2018) ☜

Student part-time job information is added (June 28, 2018) ☜

Registration form is updated (June 20, 2018) ☜

New session is added and abstract submission form is updated (June 13, 2018) ☜

Field trip information is updated (June 12, 2018) ☜

Abstract submission window is open (June 2, 2018) ☜

Registration window is open (June 2, 2018) ☜

Access map is updated (June 2, 2018) ☜

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