Awaji Island, September 25-28, 2018



Field Trip

We plan to have a field excursion on September 29th 2018, that offers opportunities to observe topographical and geological features accompanied by fault activities along the Median Tectonic Line (MTL), the most prominent and long-lived active fault system in Japan, traced back to Cretaceous times. The MTL bounds the Ryoke high-temperature metamorphic belt overlain by sediments of the Late Cretaceous Izumi Super-group and the Sanbagawa high-pressure metamorphic belt. In the morning, we will observe geomorphological manifestation of the EW-trending MTL fault system at the middle reaches of the Yoshinogawa river. A lunch break will be offered at Oboke gorge, the heartland of the Sanbagawa metamorphic belt, followed by a river boat riding during which we will observe geological structures related to the exhumation of the high-pressure rocks.

Excursion course:
07:30 Leaving the hotel for Stop 1
09:30 Stop 1: Fault scarp at Ikeda (MTL geomorphology)
11:00 Leaving Stop 1 for Oboke
11:40 Lunch at Oboke Roadside Station
Stop 2: River Boat riding at Oboke gorge
13:30 Leaving Oboke for the Tokushima airport and Kobe
15:30 Arriving at the Tokushima airport
17:15 Arriving at the Sannomiya station
17:30 Arriving at the Shin-Kobe station

Stop 1: Ikeda fault, a branch of the MTL fault system. Ikeda, Miyoshi city, Tokushima prefecture (N34°01’44”, E133°48’04”)

Lunch Stop: Oboke Roadside Station

Note: Participants who requested to join the field trip by July 31 have been approved.



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