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Earthquake and Tsunami Research Division

In the Earthquake and Tsunami Research Division, analyses of observation data from the foundational earthquake and tsunami observation network, and various studies on numerical simulations and laboratory experiments have been conducted. Through these studies, fundamental research on earthquake and tsunami have been done. In addition, development of new realtime prediction technologies for earthquake and tsunami and long-term forecasting methods for large earthquakes are conducted aiming at the mitigation of earthquake and tsunami disasters.

   - Real-time seismic motion prediction and earthquake damage estimation technologies.
   - Research on tsunami prediction technology.
   - Research on sophisticated long-term evaluation of earthquake occurrence.
   - Research on large earthquake generation mechanism.
As of Oct. 2023
Director-General AOI Shin
Deputy Director-General SHIOMI Katsuhiko

Earthquake Disaster Prevention Laboratory

We study techniques for the real-time ground motion prediction and the earthquake damage estimation using the land and sea integrated seismic data toward mitigation of earthquake disasters.

Head KIMURA Takeshi Chief Researcher
Deputy head KUNUGI Takashi Principal Researcher
               AOI Shin Principal Researcher
DHAKAL Yadab P. Chief Expert Researcher
KUBO Hisahiko Chief Researcher

Tsunami Disaster Prevention Laboratory

We study the nature and forecasting techniques of earthquakes and tsunamis using dense ocean floor observation networks toward mitigation of earthquake and tsunami disasters.

Head SUZUKI Wataru Chief Researcher
Deputy head TAKAHASHI Narumi Principal Researcher
               CHIKASADA YAMAMOTO Naotaka Chief Researcher
KUBOTA Tatsuya Chief Researcher
MOCHIZUKI Masashi Principal Researcher
UEHIRA Kenji Chief Researcher

Crustal Activity Laboratory

Crustal Activity Laboratory makes studies of earthquakes, slow earthquakes, and other crustal activities based on geophysical observations (especially, seismic data). Our laboratory mainly aims to improve long-term evaluation of earthquake occurrence.

Head MATSUZAWA Takanori Chief Researcher
Deputy head ASANO Youichi Chief Researcher
OHTA Kazuaki Postdoctoral Researcher
SAWAZAKI Kaoru Chief Expert Researcher
TANAKA Sachiko Chief Researcher
UENO Tomotake Chief Researcher
YAMAYA Lina Postdoctoral Researcher

Earth's Interior Laboratory

Earth's Interior Laboratory constructs models of various kinds of heterogeneous subsurface structures beneath Japanese Islands, simulates the progress of seismic wave and constructs the high-accuracy hypocenter caltalog.

Head MATSUBARA Makoto Chief Researcher
Deputy head SHIOMI Katsuhiko Principal Researcher
MIYOSHI Takayuki Chief Researcher
SEKIGUCHI Shoji Senior Research Fellow
               TAKEDA Tetsuya Chief Researcher

Earthquake Mechanics Laboratory

We conduct research towards understanding the mechanics of large earthquakes.

Head SAITO Tatsuhiko Chief Researcher
Deputy head YAMASHITA Futoshi Chief Researcher
FUKUYAMA Eiichi Invited Researcher
MAEDA Sumire Postdoctoral Researcher
MENESES-GUTIERREZ Angela Postdoctoral Researcher
OKUBO Kurama Postdoctoral Researcher
               OMURA Kentaro Technical Officer
PULIDO Nelson Chief Researcher

Division Members

               MATSUMOTO Takumi Principal Researcher